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Madalyn Knebel (The iGroup), photographed by me for Pastorale Magazine - September 2014. Wardrobe provided by V2V Ann Arbor. Styled by Emily Haight (Bonnie and the Mermaids). Hair by Jerad Rushlows (Daybreak Salon & Spa). Makeup by Melissa Helton (Daybreak Salon & Spa).

Hair stylist Jerad Rushlows of Daybreak Salon & Spa, working his magic on model Madalyn Knebel (The iGroup) before our fashion editorial shoot for Pastorale Magazine last month.

From my recent shoot with Alyse Madej, represented by The iGroup. (Hair by Mirela Dedivanaj of Salon Blue; makeup by Mona Mulaj of Salon Blue; styling by Emily Haight of Bonnie and the Mermaids).

Old Hollywood glamour in the summertime. Test shoot for The iGroup, with model Alyse Madej. (Hair by Mirela Dedivanaj of Salon Blue; makeup by Mona Mulaj of Salon Blue; styling by Emily Haight of Bonnie and the Mermaids).

I was fortunate to be invited to shoot an editorial for Pastorale magazine, a new online fashion magazine based in California. It’s in this month’s issue … check it out online! Tons of thanks to my incredible team that included Madalyn Knebel (model), Emily Haight of Bonnie and the Mermaids (stylist), V2V Kerrytown (wardrobe), Jerad Rushlows of Daybreak Salon (hair) and Melissa Helton (makeup). You guys all did an amazing job!

A quick behind-the-scenes shot of Alyse Madej, my stunning model for this weekend’s test shoot for The iGroup.

Lately I’ve been going through some of my old photographs from the last several years I’ve spent traveling. I added a new section of my personal photos from my travels to my website ( ), with intentions of adding more throughout the next year after visits I have planned to Nashville, Chicago, and New York City. Here’s one of my favorite shots of a very typically sunny day I spent in Santa Monica, California, a few years ago while on one of my photographic adventures.

❝ We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.


Charles Bukowski

(Happy birthday to the King of the Poets)

At first, the feeling of nothing behind you and nothing below you is frightening and disorienting. And then suddenly — after a few years of feeling that way — you begin to understand that it was like this all along. There were never any guarantees, and even your best laid plans have often gone awry. You start to realize that the feeling of only clouds beneath your feet is the lightest, best, most sure thing you’ve ever known.

Behind the scenes shot from my recent fashion editorial, photographed for Pastorale magazine. My beautiful model, Madalyn, getting the royal treatment from uber-talented hairstylist Jerad Rushlows and makeup artist Melissa Helton at Daybreak Salon.

Megan Mockensturm.Michigan, 2014.

Greater Alexander, photographed in the woods of Ann Arbor last fall.

Elise Mesner.Detroit, 2014.

Last month, I had the opportunity to photograph Elise Mesner. Elise is an absolutely stunning (and ridiculously talented) model/photographer from Detroit. I still have a few more sets from our shoot to finish editing, but you can keep up with them as they’re posted by visiting my Facebook page.

Scarab Club.Detroit, 2014.